Budgierose's Artwork
of Australian Exhibition
Budgerigars Standard


Click the Picture above to visit Rose's Website to see some amazing art work of Budgerigars.This Lady is a truly gifted person to produce art work to such a high standard.


Some of 2017

Tuesday 17th January, 2017
Club Night
Tuesday 21st February, 2017
Club Night
Saturday 11th February, 2017
Murphys Challenge - Ray & Kim's
Tuesday 21st March, 2017
Club Night
Tuesday 18th April, 2017
Club Night
Saturday 22nd April, 2017

Showcase Catalogue Auction 2017
Sunday 14th May, 2017
WRBS Preselections
Tuesday 16th May, 2017
Club Night
Saturday 20th May, 2017
SQBBA Preselections Show
Tuesday 20th June, 2017
Club Night
Sunday 9th July, 2017
Qld Young Show
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Tuesday 18th July, 2017
Sunday 6th August, 2017
Open Day - Bird Sale
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Tuesday 15th August, 2017
Club Night
Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th September, 2017
Strawberry Festival
Tuesday 19th September, 2017
Club Night
Tuesday 17th October, 2017
Club Night
Sunday 29th October, 2017
Annual Show
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Tuesday 21st November, 2017
Club Night
Saturday 9th December, 2017
Christmas Party & Perpetual Trophy Night
This event starts 6pm. So we hope to see you there.


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