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Budgierose's Artwork
of Australian Exhibition
Budgerigars Standard


Click the Picture above to visit Rose's Website to see some amazing art work of Budgerigars.This Lady is a truly gifted person to produce art work to such a high standard.


The committee comprises of our :-
President Trevor Broadbent
Vice President Kerry Potts
Secretary Bill Sedgwick
Treasurer-Ring Steward Bill Sedgwick
Show Secretary Pat Sedgwick
Show Steward Dave Pendergast
Caterer Val Scott
Ray Saunders, Cedric D'Costa
Newsletter Editor  

 Wynnum Redland Budgerigar Inc. is one of the most
 friendliest Budgerigar Club to grace the shore lines of Brisbane, with the aim of providing opportunities and assistance to ensure that both our male and female breeders, of all ages and abilities, to have every opportunity to reach their potential.

If you want to become a part of the legacy of a strong standing club with excellent relationships with other clubs overseas and here in Australia.

Then Wynnum Redlands Budgerigar is the place to meet great people with the same passion of breeding and show budgerigars as you.

We welcome all new members and visitors come along to our club night to learn all about the great hobby of keeping Budgerigars.

Don’t be shy, we won’t judge you on your abilities, our club is a place to learn and improve the breeding budgerigars and don’t forget we all started at some point.

Why not come along on the third Tuesday of every month and find out what it’s all about? The club meets at the Cleveland Assembly Hall, Smith Street, Cleveland

 Meeting time is at
7.00 p.m.

Where we have table shows and guest speakers. Our membership at the moment is 70 members with an average attendance of 35.
Have look at the to see what exciting new
things that are happening.

Annually we hold a Breeders Auction and three shows, numerous social BBQ’s and Aviary visits to some of South Queensland’s most prominent breeders. This makes things very exciting for our members with no lack of social occasions.

If you'd like to know more about this great and friendly club, please don't hesitate to contact us



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